PowerPlus Cleaning Solutions DCU Fire
Fire Disaster Clean Up

Fires are very devastating in any environment. Controlled burns can get out of hand, arson, and even mother nature can assault the lands with different ways of setting it all ablaze. The results are inevitably the same with scorched grounds, trees, and shrubs. In communities houses are burned to the ground and entire lives are lost in moments. So, where do you begin the process? What can you do with acres of destroyed lands? Mother nature can restore forests and that takes time. Houses can be rebuilt, but before you can do that all hazmat materials must be dealt with.


There is also the consideration of smoke damage to homes and the ash that fall all around can cause resporatory problems and should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Power plus has solutions for all these concerns. We have machines that

pulverize the charred remains of the groun and introduce elements that actually encourage the soil to return to a healthy state quickly. We can clean all the contaminates that may have been inavertently set loose, and we can make sure all the ground soil and water supplies are clean and contaminate free.

Our teams come in and map out any of the danger zones taking coordinates and photo documenting all finds. We plan a custom procedure to address any given disaster zone and the best way to decontaminate them. We can then bring out certificed technicians and equipment addressing every problem that was found during the inspection. Our work is verified by third party inspectors to gaurantee what we do our job right the first time. Once that process is complete we hand over our "Certificate of Cleanliness" for your assurance.

Prodigy Bio
Prodigy Bio

This machine was developed specifically for disaster relief and remediation. Being built of stainless steel this machine can be ready for any given disaster with the right attachments and filters. This machine creates a near perfect vacuum of 21 HG (or 2/3 perfect vacuum). It can run any cleaning chemical or agent allowing for multiple uses and makes this the most versatile machine for any disaster or cleaning needs. The Prodigy Bio can also produce over 4000 psi for ensuring a deep clean of any given surface. That pressure also facilitates cleaning in any direction upside down, angled, or straight up and down. With the correct attachment this machine can also clean surfaces like skin and animal fir.

Clean and Capture
clean and capture

Clean and Capture is defined as: “The process by which high pressure, agitation, and immediate extraction occurs within a closed tool head”

You can reclaim all liquids and chemicals used during cleaning without contaminating other areas or nearby water sources which could then drain to your water supplies. This technology can also be coupled with special filters for nuclear and haz-mat decontamination. So, no matter what your disaster needs are, Clean and Capture is ready to help.

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Contaminant Extraction System
contaminant extraction system

CES or Cleaning Extraction System, was developed to handle the problem of cleaning contaminated soil and foliage. A specially designed semi permeable membrane and tools were created to allow our Clean and Capture tools to decontaminate soil and other organic surfaces while leaving the material in place. This means that we can clean your grounds without having to remove topsoil and expensive replacements for ground keeping. This also means that the overall environment is improved and not harmed during the decontamination process.

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DCU Earth Decontamination Machine
Earth Decon

The DCU Earth Decontamination Machine was developed to handle deep soil contaminant clean up. When the contaminants reach to lower levels this computer controlled machine can clean up the most contaminated soil. A large grinder shreds and turns into mulch whatever organic material is fed to it. It then sends the material down the line to be decontaminated and sorted. If there is a spot that needs to be revisited, the machine will automatically re-feed the contents until it is cleaned or alert the certified operator for further instructions.

DCU Earth Decontamination Machine Tracked
Earth Decon Tracked

The DCU Earth Decontamination Machine has many options and among them is the ability to be mobile! Utilizing a custom tracks and carrying units designed for this machine and the supporting equipment, you can make this machine reach remote areas where digging up soil and transporting it is impractical. This machine can go to where the contaminants are. Perfect for deep forest, and remote location work.